How to make birthday invitations for children

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Thanks to the Internet it is already possible to send invitations to whoever you want in a comfortable and fast way, but delivering personalized cards is a very charming custom and is also part of the party. You can surprise the guests with very original designs, either combining drawing and crafts, or making photo montages with a retouching program. The limit is in your imagination, although as a starting point we give you these suggestions of how to make birthday invitations for children.

Steps to follow:

  • Poster of “Wanted”. It is very funny for any age, from small children to parties for older children. In the poster text you can explain the “reward” that there will be for the guests: trinkets, cake, music, balloons,
  • Music Festival. As if the birthday party was about the FIB, Azkena or Primavera Sound, you can include the names of the guests as if they were the participating groups of your particular birthday festival. You can search the models of many past free birthday party invitations in Google, or design a new one following that pattern.
  • Scan a picture. If you are old enough to draw, you can encourage the little ones to draw how they want their party to be, and so you make them participants in the preparations. Scan that drawing and include it as a design of the cards you are going to distribute.
  • Drawings with overlapping papers. For example, animal motifs such as the example or vegetables, balloons, cakes …
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  • For those who are already blowing more and more candles in the cake, a good idea can be to make a collegeon the card with pictures of the boy or girl at different ages, seeing how it has grown in these years.
  • If you have a little cinephile at home or a budding artist, you can use the famous Metro lion logo Goldwyn Mayer putting the face of the host instead of the beast. If you also try to imitate the gesture of the roar to take the picture you can take a good laugh and can be a nice invitation.
  • What are the favorite cartoon charactersof your children and their friends? Surely they are excited to receive a card with one of them inviting them to the party.
  • Who wants cardboard cards with balloons? This idea is very original and will surely please the guests.:
  • Do you remember the papers you doubled at school with messages? Now you can do something similar for your invitations, like these folding envelopes.