Why You Can Be Certain Your Food Is Safe

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Have you ever looked at the nutritional information on food packaging to break down what’s in it and noticed that, while the packaging does describe the ingredients in the food, it doesn’t say what’s inside the ingredients?

Especially given how global food supply chains are, it’s important that international companies who supply Canada with ingredients comply with rigorous third-party standards. People look for nutritional information in their food all the time, so it may seem odd that so little is known about how the ingredients themselves are regulated.

Let’s take a look at what systems are in place to make sure ingredients in supply chains are of high quality.

Meeting the Standards

The primary facility where ingredients are first handled should have their safety certified by a standard that itself is credible and globally-recognized. One such organization is the Global Food Safety Initiative, or GFSI. The GFSI issues levels of food safety called Safe Quality Food, or SQF.

They define their goals accordingly: “Our mission is to deliver consistent, globally-recognized food safety and quality certification programs that are based on sound scientific principles, applied across all industry sectors, and valued by all stakeholders.”

Essentially, it tries to address the potential problem, that different countries may have considerably different standards for food, and that the world deserves to know that a credible body has declared that the food they’re eating is safe. Their slogan makes this pretty explicit: “One World. One Standard.”

It’s important because this screening transcends restaurant food safety: It’s recognized by retailers, brand owners and food service providers world-wide. You don’t need to be seated at a restaurant to be concerned about food safety—food sold in any capacity needs to meet this standard.

Who Has Been Certified?

CCC Ingredients is one company that has SQF Level-II certification, especially for its main food hub in Brampton, Ontario. All their facilities operate under Responsible Distribution, and are also ISO 9001 certified. If you want to read on stop by CCC Ingredients for more information about how this company ensures its ingredients have all been vetted, and for other basic information about its operations.

Food Must Be Declared Safe Throughout the Supply Chain

With globalization so deeply entrenched, the food supply of one country is interlocked with that of many other countries. Ensuring it is safe is extra important, considering how tastes have changed around the world. People like food from all over the globe, and they are no longer limited to eating what grows locally.

There is a program in place to ensure that small- and medium-sized food suppliers can comply with SQF standards, without the effort being too onerous or expensive. It would be self-defeating, never mind unfairly advantageous for Big Business, if only large enough food producers could demonstrate that they comply with these standards.

People are busy double-checking the nutritional value of their food, so it’s a good thing that the fundamental ingredients themselves have such a robust system in place to make sure they are safe. All you need to do is focus on eating great meals with friends and loved ones, because that’s what food is really all about.