7 tips to choose a good nanny


When the time comes to choose a childcare for your baby, a nanny who lives in your home offers some important advantages. They are regularly available for your child, allow them to maintain the same routine and family environment, and mean that you do not need to pick up your child in the way of work to the house. But then there is the question of finding the perfect candidate! Take a look at our tips to make sure that the search for a nanny agency does not turn into an uphill battle.

  1. Make initial contact by phone
    To save time, pre-select the candidates by phone. This allows you to make an initial filter, eliminating those who live far away, whose hours or dates of vacation are not convenient, who are looking for a salary higher than you can pay, or with those who just do not do much chemistry. Select at least three to meet in person and so you can compare.
  2. Prepare for interviews in advance
    Make a list of questions before meeting with the nannies you have selected. Take note of all the practical points to cover yourself (hours, vacation days, salary …), as well as the issues of parenting that are particularly important to you: how will you manage your baby’s crying, or the cases in that an older child refuses to do what they are told or is demanding with their food? Does the nanny respect children’s natural naps, or put them to sleep outside of their hours?
    Also think about issues that could cause the real problems if they are not clarified in advance, for example, do you smoke? Are you able to stay up late sometimes, if you have unexpected visitors? Can you prepare your child’s meal or do I have to leave ready meals? Take time to think in advance about what is most important to you!
  3. Ask for references
    To play this role, no special qualifications are required. Consequently, you should not only ask the applicants about their training and professional experience, also – in fact, above all – ask for the contact details of families who have worked in the past. A quick phone call will be enough to get your opinion about the applicant.
  4. Openly talks about the tasks of the nanny
    While the baby is awake, the nanny takes full care of her care. But what happens during naps, how long can they be when it comes to babies? Some nannies agree to take on minor cleaning tasks: ironing, cooking, washing dishes and putting in order. Others only charge less than their fee during the hours when the baby is sleeping. To avoid any dissatisfaction on your part, or that of your nanny, talk about this aspect before the contract begins!
  5. Talk about the daily routine
    During the week, your baby will probably spend as much or more time awake with the babysitter than she does with you. Therefore, it is crucial that the nanny think about your child’s waking hours! Ask her how she would organize a typical day with your child, what activities she can do, where and when they will take place, if she will take him to places where she can meet other children, etc.
  6. Meet the candidates with your child
    Does the nanny address your child directly, or does he only talk to you? Does he seem to be comfortable with the child? Is it warm, affectionate? Is your son comfortable with her or refuses to come near? There are some indicators that are always reliable!
  7. Papers, please!
    A detail that can be decisive in the case of a problem: do not forget to ask your babysitter for a photocopy of your identity card or residence permit if it is from abroad.