Achieve Your Goal of Losing Weight


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Weight Watchers plans are 100% online, provide  undivided personal attention and actually work. Choose from three plans: OnlinePlus, Meetings + OnlinePlus and Coaching + OnlinePlus.


Go for a flexible plan on your own terms with 24/7 support. Access whenever you want, pick from delicious recipes, and stay motivated.

To get started all you need to do is schedule a call with a coach to lay the ground rules of the plan. Weight Watchers then sends you menus and recipes.  

Make the best choice of your life and pick from 1, 3 or 6 months subscriptions. Best deal : 6 months subscription.

Opt for Meetings

Get support one-on-one or at local centers, guidance from leaders that have been there before, and community motivation. Gain motivation and choose from 1 or 3 months subscription. Best deal: 3 months subscription.

Try Coaching

Pick the coach of your choice based on your interests. Get all the support you need from your coach via texts or calls. Follow a personalized plan created especially for you based on lifestyle and schedule. Online tools are also available to keep you motivated and on track.

Make your dream of losing weight come true and start with coaching today.

Live life to the fullest and lose weight with the help of Weight Watchers.

Start seeing results and install the Weight Watchers app and track SmartPoints for all you eat. Get moving and get FitPoints applied to your weekly goal for any activities you do. Make sure to link your fitness devices to the Weight Watchers app to get credit for everything.

Guaranteed success

Weight Watchers helps you overcome your barriers, lose weight and look great. Put an end to unhealthy eating and let the results show.

Earn money and join

Get paid to lose weight and join for free. You’ll get $100 when you lose 10 pounds in 3 months.
Visit Weight Watcher to learn more about plans and take control of your weight.