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Our Health

While do something M.B.B.S I was exposed to all sorts of illness conditions and their ‘futuristic systems of treatment’. ‘Treatments’, which themselves could fabricate all sorts of illness, and later their treatment…the cycle goes in marginal note to the order of. There is a unqualified degree of disillusionment, as subsequent to you enter a Medical educational you expect to be miraculously transformed into some sort of a healing robot. While, in influence, we come out isolated wiser just approximately the human inabilities to dwelling most of health problems existing today. Even after years of research, medical practice, at least in little centers, remains Hit & Trial.

I get not imply that allopath or the unconventional system of medicine, as we know it, is ineffective. In fact thanks to this ever evolving system we have been skillful to ensue less morbidity, mortality, prevent epidemics from spreading and thus regarding. It is the inability to dwelling the chronic conditions afterward Osteoarthritis, autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases subsequent to Diabetes Mellitus etc comprehensively and effectively that I am talking just about. In these diseases allopathic treatment remains suppressive, not curative, and the medication has at time produced effects worse subsequently chaos!

I feel the adjoin lies in preventive medicine. Preventive medicine is a general term for a host of things ranging understandably from adopting a healthier moving picture style, regular exercises, not smoking etc. to more unknown specific preventions following observing specific fasts or specific dietary regimens for various diseases.