Choosing The Perfect 5th Birthday Present


By the time kids hit their 5th birthday they have clear likes and dislikes, tastes in what they want to play with and even what they want to wear.  Of course, this doesn’t mean they can’t be swayed by something new or tempted to try a different toy and learning toys are now becoming very important for them as they start school.

Moving & Coordination Toys

Five-year olds will run around, skip, jump and hop so toys that stimulate movement and coordination are a great option for their birthday.  Sports related toys can be a good idea to take to the park or even in the garden – anything from foam footballs, jump ropes and even a plastic cricket bat and stumps can make for endless hours of play with their friends, on their own and with the adults.

It is also a good time for them to sample sports and activities a little more seriously as they might find something that they want to do as they get older so a voucher for a session or experience can be a great idea.

Planning & Building

Mention planning and building toys and most of us would think about LEGO and the famous bricks still make an excellent present for kids of all ages.  Their range now includes options for kids under five but by this age, they can start to get into some of the more advanced stuff.

Of course, the planning and building toys don’t have to be LEGO – something as simple as wood bricks can inspire interest while open ended construction sets allow them to use their imagination to create something.  If they like the building a little but not so much the planning, then Playmobile is another great option – less construction but plenty of individualisation.


At this age, kids can definitely try their hands at different crafts and many are designed for the younger age group.  From colouring books to paints, making cards with feathers and googly eyes and even jewellery making, there are lots of things to do.  Not only are crafts great fun, they can teach children a number of different skills including following instructions and learning step by step processes.  Careful not to go for anything too advanced for their dexterity though as this can lead to frustration and disappointment.

Electronic Toys

Many electronic toys for this age group are both fun and educational.  Some parents try to avoid computer games, tablets and other electronic gadgets for as long as possible but kids will see friends with them and the urge will quickly grow once they are at school.  And used in moderation, there are a lot of benefits to this kind of gadget – not only do they learn whatever the topic in question is, they improve their hand-eye coordination, concentration and any number of other skills.  Even computer games of the right sort can be a benefit and can be worth considering.

Buying for a child’s fifth birthday is good fun – they enjoy toys of many different kinds, can be introduced to sports and crafts and even computer games of types.  The hardest part is letting the kids actually have the toys and not playing with them yourself!

Author Bio: Stuart Cooke is the owner of Auto Kids who sell kids ride on cars. They are a great way to introduce a but of fun into your kid’s life while remaining safe.