Comparison of the best Baby humidifiers of the year!


If you are also looking for a way to improve the air in your home during the long winter months. You get sick of colds, and dry skin that come back in strength each year. So we have the ideal solution for you: an air humidifier. This device guarantees to bring an additional one, the one that our baby really needs in order to be in good health and to avoid the risk of diseases. Know that we have tested for you the best air humidifiers currently on sale on the market, to give you an idea about each model.

Our tests of the best humidifiers 2018

Knowing that choosing an air humidifier is not an easy task. We have done extensive research to find the best devices currently on sale. We then tested them one by one, then we concluded to classify them in different categories. Do not forget to check out the top few humidifiers selected.

Philips HU4803 / 01

In first place, we find the Philips HU4803 / 01. It is by far the most efficient air humidifier. Indeed, it is equipped with a very innovative technology, which allows to obtain an environment composed of a much more healthy and humid air in any place of your house. It is also one of the largest humidifiers, currently on sale, as it is equipped with a tank that can hold up to 2 liters of water.

This model is equipped with “NanoCloud” technology, which means that it is part of the evaporative cool mist air humidifiers category. This technology is equipped with a very high quality filter. That is, when the dry air absorption system starts, the quality filter will be able to effectively absorb all particles, such as dust, microbes, as well as human hair and / or animals. This technology will then propel water particles into the air to humidify your environment in a very healthy and consistent way.

TaoTronics 30 W

In second place is the TaoTronics 30W air humidifier. Ideal for any room, even for a nursery, this model is equipped with ultrasonic technology. That is, it emits water particles, to increase the rate of the room for a healthier environment, very quietly. In addition, it is equipped with a tank size XXL that can hold up to 3.5 liters of water, so you can guarantee several long hours of use.

This model, which is part of evaporative cold steam humidifiers, is also equipped with a double rotating nozzle. The latter will allow you to transmit steam, otherwise called mist, in two different directions on a space up to 150 m³. It’s simple and precise use allows you to determine the power of expulsion of water particles. A quality filter is particularly present, it will effectively filter all impurities, as well as microbes in the water. So the expelled from the device will be totally healthy.

Homasy 800 ml

And in third place, we find the air humidifier Homasy 800 ml. Ideal for a room, this model is equipped with the famous ultrasonic technology, which means that it has priority to operate in a quiet way. As the name suggests, this model offers a water tank that can hold up to 800 ml of water.

As for its operation, know that the 800 ml Homasy consumes 80 ml of water per hour, that is to say, it can work 10 hours of sharpening when its reserve will be fully filled. It is composed of a single button of use, this one is also tactile. In addition to bringing an extra to your room, it also allows you to propel natural odors. For this, you will need to apply a few drops from an essential oil of your choice. A function is also present, it allows the device to go automatically when the water comes to its exhaustion. So this limits any risk of damage.