Convertible Car Seat Vs. Infant Car Seat: Find out a suitable option?


Traveling with a baby in a vehicle is a challenging task because you have to save your child from shocks and unexpected accidents. There are numerous choices for baby seats, such as infant car seat and convertible car seat. You can choose the best car seat for travel as per your lifestyle because both have different advantages for parents.

Infant Car Seat

These traditional seats come in two styles. A rear-facing infant seat has two pieces, a base, and a carrier. It will be good to install base with the help of LATCH connectors in your car that is in your frequent use. It is quite easy to use, just clip a carrier in the base. Lots of infant car seats come with complete instructions for carrier-only and base installation. The carriers are compatible with strollers. Infants can’t lift their hand, and if you have to take your baby on a walk, it is essential to have a carrier source for them to avoid any strain on their neck.

The infant seats may not last long, and the inevitable growth of your child make this seat unfit within 12 – 18 months. Most of the carriers weigh almost 10 pounds so that they may become really heavy after adding your baby. Some parents keep the carrier in their car so you can’t get the advantage of detachable features of this seat.

Convertible Car Seats

Convertible car seats are good for parents because you can use them with front- and rear-facing positions. These seats are suitable for all newborns because you can use them for more than three years. The best convertible car seats come with special features to support your child. You can keep your child in front and rear-facing positions. There is no need to buy two different seats because this seat can facilitate the needs of your growing child.

There is no need to move convertible seats here and there because you can fix it in your car. It means that it is not necessary to buy a separate stroller for your new born. The convertible seat may occupy more space in your car, but it is necessary for the safety of your child. Some best convertible car seats come with detachable cup holders.

The convertible car seat can be a good investment as compared to infant car seat. As per experts, the young babies can safely travel in convertible seats. These are designed to carry heavy and large babies. The best car seat and booster can bear almost 40 to 80 pounds and almost 50 inches height.

The best convertible seats come with LATCH system, washable covers and absorbent foam for the comfort of your baby. You have to consider the size of your car seats before selecting a convertible seat. Choose padded car seats to increase comfort and safety of your child. Some convertible seats come with extra features, and you have to pay extra money for these seats. It is important to consider the safety and comfort of your child before finalizing your purchase decision.