Good Habits To Teach Your Children While They Are Still Young


Allowing your children to develop bad habits happens to even the best of parents. This can be from lack of knowledge or simply because you cannot correct everything a child is doing as it can impact their confidence. Teaching children young is the best way to instill good habits in all areas of their lives. Certain habits will continue to follow them throughout their lives as parents are the best example that children look up to while young. They model their behavior off of ours so it is important to be that good example. The following are good habits to teach your children while they are still young.

Good Dental Hygiene

Going to dental appointments can be fun if you visit a family dentist like the ones at Macleod Trail Dental. The dentist will try to teach your kids good hygiene habits but it is up to you to enforce these habits. A good tactic is to keep a sand timer in the bathroom with the kids letting them know once the sand has run out they can stop brushing. Teach your kids about the importance of flossing and to brush after each meal. The last thing that you want is large dental bills due to the fact that your kids do not know how important taking care of their teeth is.

Taking Accountability For Their Actions

Taking accountability for actions is something that plenty of adults have problems doing. Do not allow your child to use the excuse that someone else influenced them to do something bad. This could be the case but in the end your child is the one that did the bad deed. Deflecting blame teaches your children that they can do less than desirable things as long as they have someone to blame at the end. Accountability is especially valuable in business and relationships so your kids will be more than grateful for this lesson.

Common Manners

Saying things like please and thank you are not old fashioned but rather common courtesy. These are great things to teach your children and teach them not to talk down to people. Often times when a child talks down to people it is because they see their parents doing this in one capacity or another. Table manners are something that your kids will thank you for later as poor table manners can impact a person for life. Very few people will be romantically interested in someone that eats like an animal with their hands and getting food all over the place.

Healthy Eating

The way a person grows up eating often times does not change as they age. In the past there were entire families that ate in an unhealthy way due to not understanding what a healthy diet would look like. With the internet we have access to a myriad of knowledge that can change the way we eat permanently. Expose your children to a variety of foods and be adventurous with them. This doesn’t mean that you should force your children to eat things like sushi or oysters as these things can be a bit of an acquired taste.