HCG Diet: The Role of HCG Drops


Looking for quick ways to get rid of your unwanted fat and weight? Though slow, exercise and a proper diet do work for many people. But you don’t have the patience to wait that long. Unhealthy lifestyle practices and food habits have resulted in many people being obese. The HCG diet programme is one of the most sought-after diet plans for weight loss because it helps a person to lose around thirty pounds of weight within a short period of time.

The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone, commonly known as HCG, is a pregnancy hormone that’s responsible for nourishing the fetus during the initial stages of pregnancy. HCG hormone is produced by a component of a fertilized egg and is responsible for protecting the baby during the initial months. This hormone is responsible for creating energy by breaking down unwanted fat in a person’s body.

In the year 1954, Dr. A T W Simeons, an endocrinologist of British origin while conducting certain experiments on young men who suffered from low levels of testosterone discovered that injecting HCG hormones caused them to lose several pounds of weight. This resulted in the formation of the HCG diet programme where the patient has to take a certain dosage of HCG hormones along with a diet of fewer than 500 calories. The people undergoing this programme did not feel exhausted in spite of taking such a low-calorie diet because the administration of HCG hormone created energy in them by breaking down unwanted fat storages in their body.

Benefits of HCG diet

  • Reduced levels of hunger
  • You are able to follow the low-calorie diet correctly because of reduced levels of hunger.
  • Exercise is not required
  • You don’t have to go through the struggle of regular exercise to reduce your weight.
  • Quick loss of weight
  • The results are much quicker and the effort is less compared to other diet plans.
  • Less expensive
  • Taking HCG diet is much less expensive than taking dietary supplements and working out in a gymnasium.
  • Healthier food habits
  • Following the HCG diet correctly helps you get into a routine of healthier food habits.
  • Feels motivated and confident
  • Since the results of this diet plan are quick the patient feels motivated to lose more weight. The individuals also end up being more confident.

Different ways to administer HCG hormones

The HCG hormones have to be taken without fail during the entire course of the diet programme for the diet plan to be effective. The hormones can be taken as subcutaneous or intramuscular injections, diet sprays, diet patches or as sublingual drops. You may be confused about the method you have to adopt for successful results. Since all these methods work towards attaining the same goal it is always better to adopt one that works well with your lifestyle.

HCG diet drops: Manufacturing and composition

HCG powder is made from the HCG hormone extracted from the pituitary glands of humans. This HCG powder has to be mixed with sterile water according to the levels prescribed and stored in a container. When compared to the injections the HCG drops are much diluted in form and a person is required to take higher amounts as prescribed by the physicians for better results. HCGdiet.com has HCG drops that are high in demand. Apart from the HCG hormones the HCG drops could also contain ingredients like

  • L-Glutamine
  • L- Carnitine
  • Beta-alanine
  • L- Ornithine
  • Astragalus
  • Maca

HCG diet drops: How to take it?

Unlike HCG injections, HCG drops are quite easy to take. HCG injections are painful and are likely to cause sores on your body. HCG sublingual drops need to be taken twice a day with a twelve-hour gap in between. The drops have to be placed under the patient’s tongue so that the hormones get absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. Compared to HCG injections the dosages of HCG drops are higher to get better results. You are supposed to take the HCG drops 30 minutes before having food so that it is thoroughly absorbed by your body. You are not supposed to take water or food for at least 15 minutes after taking the drops.

HCG drops: How does it work?

A section of the human hypothalamus is responsible for controlling hunger. Using HCG drops helps to suppress the urge to eat. The HCG drops communicate with the hypothalamus and the patients are able to cut down on their intake of calories without being actually hungry. Those who lack the strength to cut down the quantity of food they eat daily would be greatly benefitted from the intake of HCG drops. Besides helping to suppress hunger, HCG drops also improves metabolism. It causes in the breaking down of unwanted fat and transforming it into energy.

HCG drops: Hormone imbalances

It’s a common concern of patients undergoing this diet programme whether the administration of HCG hormones would cause an imbalance in their level of hormones. Considering the fact that the drug contains only a tiny amount of the HCG hormone you don’t have to worry about hormonal imbalance.

Homeopathic HCG drops

You do not get the actual HCG hormones while taking the homeopathic version of the HCG drops. This is a much-diluted form with some added ingredients for boosting metabolism and creating energy. However, many people have testified to its positive results.

HCG drops: Why are they considered to be better than HCG injections?

Painless and comfortable

Unlike injections, HCG drops are painless and the patient can take it by themselves. HCG injections need to be administered by a certified healthcare professional.

Easily accessible

HCG injections cannot be taken in public whereas HCG drops can be taken anywhere by the dieters because you don’t need the help of a professional.

Less expensive

HCG drops are really affordable when compared to HCG injections.

Your health practitioner could help you decide on the best possible one for you depending on your health and the results you expect from the HCG diet plan. Always consult a physician before starting this diet programme.