How to Make an Amazing Bedroom for your Newborn Baby


If you’ve got a little one on the way, creating a cosy little space to welcome them into can be really exciting but hard to know where to start. If you need some tips on how to make an amazing bedroom from your newborn, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve pulled together some of the best ideas we could find to create a dreamy sleeping space for your new pride and joy!

Finding inspiration

To find some inspiring photos for your new bedroom, check on Pinterest and other image social sites. From great bedroom furniture to the wallpaper, it can really help to focus your concept and choose the best colours and themes that you like the idea of before you even start decorating. Cute little details can really help the room stand out so look for what takes your fancy, so you can have a direction when you start your journey.

Less is more

Often, buying the necessary furniture such as the cot and chest of drawers can really help you to see how much space you’ll have to work with. Buying great furniture to use as a focal piece can really make the room stand out. Then you can add the finer details later on.

Not got a lot of space?

If you’ve not got a huge space for your newborn, you can turn smaller spaces into a really cute nursery with just a few touches. Turn a walk-in closet into a tiny bedroom space for your newborn or create a little nook in a corner of your master bedroom. Work from home? You can create an office-nursery combo for a super stylish work-space where you can keep an eye on your little one.

Choose colours you’ll love

Whether you’re into bright and colourful or love a pastel shade, choosing the colour theme to your room can really make the difference. Bright colours can give a fun fresh feel to the room, but bolder colours could overwhelm a small space. Certain colours can help improve sleep, evoke positivity or enhance memory of your newborn. Colour can have psychological effects, so be colour conscious when you’re decorating the room. Once you’ve found your colour theme, textiles and print can be paired up in bedding, cushions and furniture for a well-rounded style.

Go natural

Eco-friendly alternatives to bedding and paint can help to keep the air quality keen and provide a safe alternative for your new baby. Eco-friendly furniture can help to create a natural space for your baby to thrive in. They can be really easy to get hold of and create a non-toxic, safe space for your baby’s bedroom.

It’s all about lighting

Harsh lighting could overstimulate your baby’s underdeveloped eyes. Choose your lighting wisely to help your newborn adapt to their new world. A dimmer can help them adjust to the bedtime routine and controlling natural light can help them to get those well-needed afternoon naps in so you can have a rest too.

Storage and safety

As a new parent, storage space will be your new best friend. Organised nappy spaces and cupboards can help to make your journey as a new parent a little easier. Baby proofing too, doesn’t have to be filled with white. Use both storage and baby proof items to add a lint of fun and hints of colour to the room whilst giving you peace of mind.