Our guide to buying baby humidifiers to guide your choice


We have selected 3 Lanaform products that are the best choice among best baby air humidifiers. Check out the buying guide for these products.

  • The Lanaform Charly baby air humidifier

Charly comes in the form of a small bear. This model is very secure because it turns off automatically when the tank is empty. It is equipped with a secure cap and a double switch. This is the model that offers you the longest battery life of about 17h due to its large 5L tank. Once activated, it diffuses a small blue light which can give this camera a role of night light. It will come to diffuse cold vapor by the two ears of the bear. Its discretion will allow you to use it as much in the day as the night. It is suitable for a surface of 25m. Due to its maximum evaporation rate of 300 ml / h, it will allow your child with breathing to spend peaceful nights. In addition, it has a bowl that can accommodate essential oils. Its design of little bear has been studied to suit just as well a room of boy as of girl.

  • Lanaform Trainy baby air humidifier

Trainy as its name suggests adopts the shape of a train, its design was designed for young children. This model may be more suitable for a boy’s room. Trainy offers a tank capacity of 1.8L which allows it to be autonomous for about 9h. It has an ambient light that comes on when it is activated, it turns off automatically when there is no more water in the tank. It effectively humidifies a room of 25m², due to its evaporation rate of 200 ml / h. The cold air comes out of the chimney of the train and it can also diffuse essential oils due to the bowl of which it is equipped. This model is also very quiet because it is not more than 35 db, so you can use it at night without fear of disturbing the sleep of your child. The advantage of this model is that it is the least heavy.

  • Lanaform Hello Kitty Baby Room Air Humidifier

Perfect for all girls who are fans of this little cat, the Hello Kitty model is perfect for girls’ bedrooms. Unlike its predecessors, it does not have ambient light and cannot release essential oils, but it has other qualities that other air humidifiers do not have. Like Trainy, it has a 1.8L tank which gives it a battery life of about 8 hours. The plus of this model is that it has a timer. It is therefore possible to set the activation time. No need to manage the level of water you put in the tank so that the humidifier stops earlier. With this model, you only have to set the timer to indicate the time of use. Just like the two previous models its use is designed for a room of 25m ², its flow of vaporization is 200 ml / h. The other bonus of the Hello Kitty humidifier is that it offers 3 levels of steam intensity, so you can adapt it to your child’s needs.

None of these models is equipped with an automatic humidity control, so it will be up to you to check the humidity of the room using a hygrometer. Your child should not be in a room with too much humidity.