Shopping Tips For New And Expecting Parents


It can be stressful for expectingparents to plan and make lists of the shopping essentials needed for the new baby that is soon to arrive, or for those with newborns. Everyone wants to include all things needed to keep the baby healthy, happy, and properly pampered. The best place to find everything under the sun is a local trade show for baby and mom. Having a one stop shop to find high quality and unique items on their list, as well as special items that may not have been anticipated, is a great way to satisfy parents and baby.

All lists should begin with the essentials and any items that need to be prioritized. New babies are certainly a handful, so planning to get as many things ahead of time is a smart idea. In the Greater Toronto Area, a trade show like will not only have all of these necessary things, but it also offers a huge selection of exhibitors, a wide range of beautiful products, and expert advice to help prepare for becoming a mother – possibly all over again!

The following is some of the areas to keep in mind when creating a list of needs and wants. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and much inspiration can come from exploring the trade show itself.


For good hygiene and comfort, remember to stock up on good quality diapers (consider cloth to be eco-friendly), diaper ointment and changing pads, waterproof pads and changing table, a mobile or small toys for distraction, gentle baby wipes, diaper disposal receptacle.

Sleeping& Nursery

Baby will need a comfortable crib and mattress, proper bedding, blankets, and lots of replacement sets. A rocking cradle or bassinet is handy for napping with gentle movement settings. Mattress pads and waterproof liners are handy when diapers fail. For the rest of the nursery, a dresser, hamper, shelving, a comfortable chair for mom to sit and breastfeed, baby monitors, and a humidifier are also nice to have.


Babies grow out of clothing quickly, but many sets of outfits are needed for multiple changings, so be sure to have an adequate wardrobe ready. T-shirts, onesies, pajamas, socks, booties, stretchy and comfortable ensembles, lots of bibs, and extra blankets for swaddling are good to start. For outside wear, keep baby warm with soft knit caps, sweaters and zip ups, and other winter apparel. For summer, a sun hat will keep baby’s head protected. Cotton is a good breathable material that is easy to care for.

Feeding and Cleaning

When it’s time to feed, have a nursing pillow, bottles, cloths, nursing bras and clothing, and a breast pump. For clean up, stock up on towels, washcloths, gentle ‘no tears’ shampoo, cotton swabs, cleaning wipes, an infant tub, special baby nail clippers, a soft brush or comb, and mild soap for laundry.

Other items might include accessories for travelling like car seats, strollers, carriers or slings, a big diaper bag, sun shielding for car windows, and a playpen. And don’t forget baby play time with age appropriate toys, a bouncy seat, books, music, and a playmat.

New mothers and fathers can find all this and more all in one place at a local trade show and support artisans, craftspeople, and experts offering their wisdom and tips for new parents.