Sick Day: Activities to Keep Kids Happy When They’re Home Sick


Dealing with kids who are homesick is a drag. Boredem sets in and they get whiny and fidgety and have a hard time sitting still so they can get the rest they need. Whether your sick child is young or in their teens, there are several fun activities they can do that promote rest and relaxation, as well as keep them occupied while they are trying to get better.

Stringing Beads

Stringing beads is a fun pastime that can be enjoyed by boys and girls of all ages. It is an activity that can be done while lying in bed or sitting on the couch and will tap into their creativity. Pick out an assortment of beads of all shapes and sizes, along with string, wire, and jewelry findings, and help your child to make jewelry for friends and family. Look online for beading tutorials¬†and instructions based on your child’s age and skill level, and prepare to spend an amazing sick day together doing craft projects.

Story Time

Snuggle up with your child under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in hand and bond together with good old-fashioned story time. You can read some of your child’s most beloved books aloud or even make up a story together. Children like to hear what life was like when their parents were kids, so share some of your personal stories with your child and make them feel like they know you just a little better. You can even create a book together based on a story you make up.

Coloring Apps

Sick kids can spend the afternoon coloring and creating magical designs when you download the Coloring Book for Me & Mandala coloring book app for Android. This is a free app where your child can color and create digital masterpieces from a variety of pages without you having to purchase messy coloring supplies and books. Your child will have hours of fun experimenting with colors and designs and learning about technology.

Learning Games

Your child can still learn new and fascinating life lessons, even when they are sick. Check out the farming and puzzle solving game apps for Android by Toca Boca. Most of these gaming apps are free to download and are appropriate for kids of all ages. These games encourage the use of strategy, critical thinking skills, and planning ahead to achieve an objective.

Spending the day at home with a sick child does not need to mean you will be faced with certain doom. You can play games and do activities with your child that will keep them entertained so you do not have to suffer the negative effects of them being grumpy and bored. The key to a successful sick day that allows you to keep your sanity is keeping them happy with new and interesting activities that take their mind off being sick and allows them to bond with you.