The Most Important Baby Gate Features


Baby gates are products you choose for safety. You want your new addition to the family to be safe at home, but not every gate is made the same. When looking for a perfect baby safety gate, consider the height. This is an aspect that varies from one gate to another, but the average height of most is anywhere from 23 to 26 inches. You might even be able to find a gate that is 30 or even 40 inches tall.

Some gates are extendable. Extra wide ones allow you to adjust the height if you intend to use it in different places. To be sure of your needs in terms of these features, measure the doorways and other openings you want to keep blocked. When you buy the product, make sure it meets your height requirements. Not all packages label the exact height and some may even be mislabeled.

Consider How the Gate Is Built

The construction of the baby gate is the foundation for all its other features. One of the most important features is how you open the gate; most are built to be operated with one hand, so you can hold the baby or something else while opening or closing it. Some gates have automated features that allow them to close themselves. This is important if you are often busy and in hurry, but being made of light materials is important because it will be more convenient to transport the product from one place to another.

Portable models are often easy to disassemble. You can then put them back together where you want them installed, and change their position whenever the need comes about. There are baby gates with a feature allowing them to be pressure mounted, making them extremely versatile for meeting your needs at any given moment.

The hardware is an important feature. It affects how flexible the product is and how long it might last. Plastic gates often fail much sooner than wooden ones. Some baby gates are made of aluminum; these can incorporate additional features such as a pet door.

Latches are features that are important as well. Providing more functionality, they come in a variety of materials, the stronger of which support a longer-lasting product. Depending on the latch, the gate can be closed faster or slower depending on the latch’s exact nature.

Other Convenient Features

You may not always be able to stay close to the gate, and your baby. A latch indicator will provide notification of whether the gate is secure or not. For example, it might light up red when the gate is open. All you have to do is stay within visual range to know that everything is secure.

Flexibility is a feature you want handy if quick installation is important. You can get the most bang for your buck if you can adjust the width and height based on where the gate is installed. If you have questions about any feature and its usefulness to you, consult with The Gate Adviser and an expert will help you make the safest choice for your baby.