Three Reasons Why You Should Buy a Dolls Pram for Your Child This Christmas


Buying presents for Christmas can be a pretty stressful task, especially when it comes to your little ones. When the excitement of Christmas takes over, there can be a lot of pressure to get your kids the perfect gift and a lot of expectation from your youngsters.

With trends constantly changing, new fads coming and going, and often an inability to appreciate sentimental gifts when they’re so young, how do you get your kids something really special that won’t be cast aside in a few months?

Fortunately, dolls prams might just solve your problem. We’ve put together three reasons why they make the perfect gift for your child this Christmas.

To get them active

It’s estimated that children spend over six hours a day on technology, whether it’s TV, a games console, or a mobile, and research has shown that over one in five reception age children are obese. As a result, it’s important that parents do as much as they can to keep their little ones fit and healthy.

Getting a dolls pram for your kids is an ideal way to increase their activity levels. Whether they take it on a walk with mum, dad, or grandparents, or just happily toddle around the house with it, a dolls pram can get your kids moving and away from technology while still letting them play.

Encourage imaginative play

Similarly, spending all this time on screens can prevent them from using their own imagination, instead ingesting everything they see on the TV or in games. However, engaging their own creativity and inventing their own play is essential.

A dolls pram and the pretend play that comes with it is an important part of your little one’s development and Scholastic has suggested that pretend play develops social, emotional, and language skills, as well as problem solving. A dolls pram can fit into this really well by encouraging pretend play with multiple toys.


One of the main worries of parents is forking out a lot of money on a gift for Christmas, only to find it abandoned by New Year’s Eve. Fortunately, a dolls pram is extremely durable, even when faced with heavy-handed little fingers.

Play Like Mum, a leading retailer of dolls prams, said: “A well-built dolls pram should be very sturdy, built from long-lasting and durable materials, meaning even the most tenacious youngsters will struggle to break it. Although they will experience a little wear and tear (which is a sign of a beloved toy!), a good pram should last for years to come.”

Dolls prams are also a timeless gift to add to your little one’s toy collection. They’ve been around in some form for centuries, and there’s a reason they’ve stood the test of time in the face of various fads.

They can act as a special childhood toy for your kids while they grow up, before becoming a special memento when your little ones become adults, and they could even pass a beautiful pram onto their own little ones kids toy!