Following few important tips recommended by for choosing the right toys according to the age of toddlers, from 0 to 9 years old will you in right decision.


  • Mobile: It must have a button for volume and play soothing music. It is chosen to stimulate the child, not to decorate his room.
  • Rattle: light and colorful, it will offer various textures and will emit different sounds.
  • Musical toy: it must emit different sounds and offer a variety of melodies and nursery rhymes. You will appreciate that it has a stop and volume button.
  • Stroller or car seat toys: they do not all have the same attachment system; check for compatibility with your stroller and car seat.

1 year

  • Recommended age: Rely on the minimum age indicated on the box rather than the maximum age.
  • Trotter: stable and height adjustable, it will be less noisy if it has rubber wheels. The child will find it more interesting if he can carry objects there.
  • Bath toys: They must be easy to empty. The simplest objects often float better than the more elaborate toys.
  • Toys to stack: They must be easily stacked and stable. Opt for a versatile set whose parts can fit into each other.
  • Handling toys: They must be stimulating for sight, touch and hearing; thanks to them, the child will develop his sense of observation and his ability to reflect. They allow various learning: push, pull, turn, move, etc.

2 years

  • Doll or stuffed animal: The toy, light, pleasant to the touch and washable, must be able to be entwined by the child. Doll clothes with Velcro, easier to put on and take off.
  • Construction toys: They must be made of large blocks that are easy to stack. A plan is not always necessary; at this age, the child prefers to destroy rather than build.
  • Slip-on beads: They must be big, to give a good grip to the child, and to be provided with a large hole. The thread must have a long, stiff toe to be easy to pass.
  • Toys derived from movies or shows:  Beware, they are often of poor quality and expensive, the rights of use being included in the cost!

3 to 5 years

  • Board Games: They must be simple. For a 3 year old child, a party should not exceed 10 minutes.
  • Electronic toys: They must offer many activities, with varying levels of difficulty, and must not play in the place of the child. It is good that the toy congratulates the child when he has the right answer.
  • Construction toys: The number of pieces must be related to the child’s skills. A detailed plan will facilitate assembly.
  • Educational games of logic, letters or numbers: They are only offered to the child who is ready, otherwise the game will have the opposite effect and may discourage him.

6 to 9 years

  • Quiz: Make sure the questions have multiple levels of difficulty. So, the whole family will be able to play.
  • Patience game: They must offer between 40 and 60 challenges of different levels of difficulty. Solutions must be included.
  • Scientific game: Check if the experiments require the presence of an adult. The list of required elements must be written on the box. These must be inexpensive and easy to find products.
  • Game of skill: Balls and balloons contribute to the development of gross motor skills. Around 6 or 7 years old, the child is able to throw the ball into a target. The ring, dart and bowling games allow him to practice aiming and help develop eye-hand coordination.