Which baby thermometer is the most suitable?


The baby thermometer

Among the different types of baby thermometers that exist,   we will help you to choose the right appliance for your child. There are several types of instruments for taking the temperature: taking into account the advantages and constraints of each, which thermometer corresponds to your baby?

How to take the temperature of your child?

Depending on where you want to take the temperature measurement, the result will be more or less reliable. This is an important element to take into account. For example under the armpits, the temperature can display 34°C while a measurement in the ear can reach 38°C. In both cases, the measurement is considered normal. What is the temperature measurement according to the different setting points?

Oral temperature

Simply place the baby thermometer under your child’s tongue in the back of the mouth. This method is recommended for children from the age of five. Especially since it is a matter of verifying that the mouth is well closed, and the results can be distorted if a dietary absorption was made shortly before taking the temperature.

Axillary temperature

Taking underarm measurement is not the most recommended. Indeed, this method is the least reliable because it is not precise because of its external estimate at the skin level.

 Front temperature

The taking of temperature directly on the baby’s forehead is very convenient because the result is fast and accurate. However, you must check several times to be sure that the catch was right. Be sure to position the baby thermometer correctly and stay as still as possible.

 Ear temperature

Ear-to-ear is a very accurate measurement of your child’s temperature. Indeed, it is at the level of the tympanum that the good temperature of the human body is measured.

This method is very practical since the result is given easily, quickly and accurately. Simply press the button and then insert the device into the baby’s ear canal which may be sleepy. The result is displayed on the large LCD screen for optimal reading.

 Rectal temperature

This method is recognized as the most reliable but it is uncommon for babies for fear of hurting the child during the taking. It is also uncomfortable for him and it is also necessary to take hygiene precautions before using it.

 Infrared thermometer

You will certainly prefer this measurement: without touching your baby, you simply need to direct the thermometer for infants on any surface of the skin. It displays a reliable result within 15 cm of the device.