How to dress in the office and look good


Once you have passed the interview and you have obtained that job you want so much, you are already part of an office. The first days you want to give the best impression but surely a week you do not know what to wear. Do not despair! Here we leave you some tips and models of executive clothing that you can adapt to your own wardrobe.

Office dresses

This option is to toggle wear a dress, you will find many ways to take them and wear them as one of the garments of style more feminine you’ll find. It can be totally black to add different accessories so you can do it more formal or informal according to the occasion.

The dresses are ideal for the colder months. You can combine them with opaque tights and a belt and fit perfectly to the body allowing you to dress appropriately to go to work while you enjoy all the comfort that this fabric brings.

For the spring and summer months you can choose between the always-fashionable sleeveless shirtdresses in one color. Choose colors like charcoal gray, black or beige and combine it with a thin leatherette belt, you will create a comfortable yet stylish look.

The good thing about wearing dresses is that they help you get dressed faster like LuLaRoe Amelia Backwards and therefore you can sleep a few more minutes without having to put on a bottom part, one on top, the shoes and if you wear the skirt.

Separate a suit in two pieces

If you work in an office, most likely you need formal and elegant clothes that you can reuse during the week and combining with each other. And it is that the suits of jacket in spite of being a clothing related to the man and indispensable in the masculine closet, has gotten to become everything a must for the young woman of today, with styles, colors and cuts that adapt according to your body, and that enhance the feminine lines in a sensational way.

When combining it, you can choose to wear it whole or you can use the two pieces to carry with other types of garments. For example, if you have a suit, you can combine it with different parts from above and below. If you always use the same bag or if you wear the trousers or skirt you will complement it with different parts from above, such as a blouse or shirt and vice versa. The idea of ​​reusing these suits is that you can give them a little more color.

Casual Fridays in the office

Can I dress with a casual look to go to the office? If your company allows it you can go dressed casually on Fridays, it is what is known as “Casual Fridays“. During this day some “flexibility” is allowed at the time of dressing for both men and women, this includes jeans or any other type of more comfortable garment, which is a great relief. And it is that looking good and looking good even wearing a casual look to go to the office is also possible.

Another option to make your days more casual is to wear dark or black jeans and heels. You can also opt for comfortable blouses with leather leggings, or a casual dress but with an appropriate touch to look stylish at work.

Sweaters are always a great option if you feel a little cold or winter. The other benefit is that if you combine them with different shirts you can put together different looks as well as alternate between skirt and trousers. Of course, completely discards sportswear, as it is not the most appropriate even in the “Casual Friday”.

In this way you can take to a more casual style the informality of the jeans especially in the case of young girls, or clothes that reserve for a more casual look. Keep in mind that not every Friday is possible to carry out the “Casual Friday” and that you will have to continue taking care of the clothing in case there is an important meeting or the visit of someone relevant.