Tips to Buy Baby Clothes to give away


You may need to buy clothes for your baby, so there is no big problem to get organized and acquire the tissues that suit you, but when it is to give as a gift in a special event such as a birth or a baptism, you have to take into account how many things before making a decision if we do not want to have more chances to take a disappointment, even having the certainty of having thrown the money to be fatal. With all the variety of cute baby clothes it is easy to select something nice but similar gifts can accumulate for the same age.


We have selected some crucial details to consider before making a purchase for a baby:

  1. Consider the seasons: Consider the time of year before buying baby clothes. If it is summer, remember that time passes quickly and winter will soon arrive. It depends on where lives may change, for example in the Canary Islands, but it is usually necessary to have a suitable outfit for winter too.
  2. The sex of the baby: It does not always have to be pink for girls and blue for boys, nowadays it depends on who you might even look badly at. You can buy clothes for the baby in neutral colors such as gray, light green, or beige, especially if you do not know the sex of the baby.
  3. Have access to the diaper: Clothing should have easy access to diapers. This helps make the process of checking or changing the diaper more comfortable for both mom and baby.
  4. Consider the decorative elements: While these decorative accessories can be cute, depending on their location, they can be a discomfort for the baby. Especially if the clothes have items such as buttons, pins, or embroidery located on the baby’s back. You should also check that you do not have elements that come off easily.
  5. Size of clothing: Consider buying clothes in larger sizes. Babies grow very fast and newborn clothes will use it very little time. That’s why it’s a good idea to buy clothes for a newborn baby in sizes 6 to 12 months, so you’ll have clothes for longer and the family that receives it will have clothes for various stages of growth. When in doubt, best buy it big!
  6. Keep in mind who and what they will give:  If you need to ask the mother, father or grandmothers to tell you what they need.
  7. Fabric quality: Baby clothes must be made of soft cotton. It is preferable to choose organic cotton baby clothes before the one made of synthetic materials. Good clothes usually have all the guarantees to take care of the little ones.