Tips For A Tasty Treat


If you’ve ever received a bouquet of cookies, then you know that it’s a sweet treat compared to flowers that wilt in a few days. If you want to make cookie bouquets for someone else as a holiday gift, a birthday surprise, or a special occasion, then consider a few tips that will make it easier to complete the bouquet. The first thing that you would need to do is determine what kind of cookies you’re going to make and the shapes of the cookies that you’re making so that you have all of the ingredients and supplies that you need.

Creating a bouquet using a theme is usually the easiest way to get started. Ideas include Christmas, Mother’s Day, or a birthday. If you’re making a birthday gift, consider the age of the person and what the person likes so that you make cookies that are a flavor that will be enjoyed. Sugar cookies are usually the easiest to make when you’re designing a bouquet. They can be dyed so that they are different colors and can easily be shaped into almost any design. You can also roll the dough out to cut shapes using baking tools. Once the cookies have baked, you can decorate them with almost any kind of icing and other decorations that you think the person would like. Try to make the cookies a little thicker so that they will stand up on the craft sticks that you use for the bouquet. You also need thicker cookies that will hold up to the icing and decorations that are used.

When you begin arranging the cookies for the bouquet, use a combination of small and large sticks so that it looks like a real bouquet. Use a container that will highlight the cookies that you make. A foam block can be inserted in the container so that there is something to hold the sticks that have the cookies on them.cookie bouquets